CS Wear

We’re a small local apparel shop. that loves to create new ideas and push them out to the world. Come join us.

Why Choose Us?

Cornerstore wear is an emerging clothing line that is geared towards young and middle-age working class, along with college students. between the ages of 22-60. the clothing line will be designed to be every day after work essentials with a modern and trendy flair, appropriate for the afterhours for play or dining out. The clothing is designed for the modern adult. who has something to say.  

About Us

Antwan Johnson Sr

store owner

Corner Store is the brainchild of Cincinnati native Antwan L Johnson Sr, Antwan has dipped his toes in the fashion industry in high school. with some fashion shows and modeling. He is a graduate of the art Inst of Seattle in the music video section. he loves to come up with some of the most bizarre designs. So, if you like what you see please join use in making this journey.